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Nina Biodrowicz

Pre & Post Natal Specialist

About Nina's Wellness

I'm Nina, mum of Carmen and founder of Nina's Wellness Pre & Post Natal Care. After many years of working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, I have chosen to focus on pregnancy, post natal period and transition to motherhood from the fitness and wellbeing perspective.

In 2017 I gained specialist qualifications that allow me to work with expecting and new mums and I continuously deepen and update my knowledge so I can bring the best practice to my Pre & Post Natal Classes.

I help women not only physically to go through the pregnancy but also mentally, as my focus is on mindful motherhood where women take a pleasure in looking after herself on a daily basis. What she does in terms of welling, will be quickly copied by her kids and I believe this is the best way of raising a healthy and active family.

I live in Essex and I have built a strong community of women who want to take care of their health, wellbeing and who believe the healthy lifestyle can be a way of living. I strive to grow my community and reach out to as many women as possible and always welcome any expecting or new mum who wishes to feel confident, energised and strong in her mind and body.

What I promote and teach under Nina's Wellness is what I do as Nina. I believe in movement, nutritious food and self care on a daily basis. My specialist fitness Pre & Post Natal Classes help women to reconnect with their bodies and minds, get stronger, more energised and happier!

My Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise Prescription CPD
  • Modern Post Natal Exercise Prescription CPD
  • BarreConcept Method Instructor
  • Diploma in Fitness Instructions and Personal Training (QCF)
  • Active IQ Award in Instructing Circuit Sessions
  • Studio Cycle Instructor Training
  • Acitive IQ Level 2 First Aid (QCF)

Lola Navarro

Mum of 2

Thank you Nina for injecting me with the desire of getting fit after having my second child. The sessions were great and your energy and support to get the group through was the key to make me go Saturday mornings when all I wanted was to sleep. Nina's session will be the best reminder of how important your wellbeing is, allowing you to reconnect with yourself again. Don't think twice, just go for it!

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4 Sessions

Private Post Natal Fitness Sessions

4 Sessions prepaid block

£ 160

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Eva Calle Rubi

Mum of 2

Nina is a very inspiring and motivating trainer. She always created individualised routines which fit perfectly to my needs was always opened to suggestions. Well resourced and brilliant music! I would highly recommend her.

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Nathan Adams

I can highly recommend Nina's fitness sessions. Nina did some brilliant PT sessions for me - great fun, hard work and really helped me improve my all round fitness. I could see the results and nearly 2 years later I am still keeping up what I learnt with Nina!

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27th February 2018

HOW did it all start?

My journey to Nina’s Wellness Pre&Post Natal Care So many things happened in my life that made me to make […]

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